Secret Santy: The Grand Opening*

*Well, it's grand to me!
  1. Whoever you are, it was very smart of you to tip off @bsizzle33 that my box had arrived while I was in Vancouver.
    My apartment had NO INTENTION of alerting me to the awaiting gift!
  2. I checked the mail last night and it was empty. I was super bummed, but remembered the bigger the box, the less likely they'll put it in my mail.
  3. I suited* up and took the mile-long* trek in the freezing cold* to the leasing office.
    *put on a hoodie; *walked 300 feet; *40° weather
  4. I got the box and refused to even look at the mailing address.
    As of me typing this, I know as much as you know.
  5. Here goes!
  6. It's an address I don't know! 😁😁😁
    I need scissors! Hold on folks! Twiggy wanted to help open it.
  7. I'm so excited that I keep stalling because I never want it to end!
    Polka dot tissue paper. Is it weird that I'm already satisfied with that as my gift? Watery eyes!
  8. Chocolates! None for Twigs!
  9. A calendar of lists!
    Santy, I know you don't know this, but I only use Half Price Books Calendars in my house and didn't have a new one for 2017!
  10. OMG!!!! I reached in the box and felt a book and began just shaking in excitement.
    Americanah!!!! Finally. I love you and still don't know who you are! Time to dig some more...
  11. You burned me a CD!
    Really America?!
  12. Two CD's
    The effing Hamilton Mixtape? I'm straight up in tears right now.
  13. A place for paper lists!
    Because I'm an 80 year old who lives for hard copies. Also, you blacked out the price on the back which possibly means you are my identical twin.
  14. Guessing this is for Twigs because she immediately claimed it!
  15. See!
  16. My little cousins will finally think I'm cool when they visit!
  17. Elf pin!
  18. Pins!
  19. Three of em!
  20. I found the card! Let's see who you are!
  21. It's my homie @jessilee23
    Of course the note made me cry! The tissue paper made me cry.
  22. I have never been so happy to have internet friends before. This "writing group" rocks.
  23. These were the best gifts ever. I've never been happier! Bless you sweet girl!
    I can't put into words how overcome with smiles I am. Like, you know how Tyra says to Smile with your Eyes? I'm smiling with my knees and toes and ears right now. I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much!
  24. @DawnCloud thanks for letting us do this. It's really making the holidays feel like a good thing and not a stressful thing.