1. I'm going through a lot. My sister told me to count my blessings instead. Figure I'll try here.
  2. My home is dry and everyone I know in Southeast Texas is safe.
  3. My dog is here with me.
  4. Doggy Day Care is really affordable for tomorrow when I move
  5. My parents are all helping me move (not the step monster)
  6. I can afford movers.
  7. My back medicine has made it possible to pack my belongings with almost zero assistance
  8. My niece is perfect and I will be so close to her daycare that I can steal her any time I want.
  9. I have too much furniture for the new apt.
  10. I have too many TVs for the new apt
  11. I donated 3 bags of really good clothes for people who needed it and still have a full closet
  12. I do currently have a job.
  13. I do still have the job I want the most in the running.
  14. My hair isn't falling out
  15. My teeth aren't falling out
    Spontaneous dentro-hydroplosion right, @cvlop61
  16. My sister no longer works tomorrow and will help with the move, making it go faster and having the movers cost less.
    (They charge by the hour)
  17. Panda Express finally has Sesame Chicken back
    It gives me the runs and it's worth it (yeah, I overshared, I'm on some opioids)
  18. I have listers I love. Listweeters too
  19. My body looks good in moving clothes.
  20. I found about $20 in change as I cleaned my home
  21. I know how to cry very well and I do it very often. It's emotional detoxing
  22. My phone case and screen haven't broken
  23. The Good Place and GBBO are on Netflix
  24. Oh, I found an interview dress at Stein Mart for $11.
  25. Lady Gaga exists and is my same damn age. So she may be around for a long time.
  26. That's all for now.