She Had The Flu, But A Baby Shower She Threw

Technically I was on day 6 of flu A (ouch) and it's takes 5 to finish tamiflu. I wasn't contagious but I felt like a statue that if you touched it, you'd realize it was actually all dust. I sniffled my way through my sister's baby shower today.
  1. The Good
    This freaking cake! The gender is still unknown so they went with a woodland theme and are just calling the baby, Baby! I didn't eat it, more on that later.
  2. The Good
    My sister loved my gifts. Since we played baby gift bingo, I knew one of my gifts was on most people's cards, so it got cheers from a lot of people. Haha. Really hard to see, but the onesie says "I 💙My Aunt Boogie" and then a fox pillow. Baby loves foxes. Bingo went great, thanks to @_leia_ and @DG
  3. The Good
    Celebrity Baby Name Game. I made them get into teams and match babies up to their celeb parents. I had some tricky ones in there like Lincoln (Kristen/Dax) and Chanel (Ice/Coco T). But I also had easy ones like Blue Ivy and Sasha/Malia. It was timed so it went so fast. I made sure none of the teams were cliques. Went very well! I had to hand write instead of type due to not being at work all week, though. Thanks @colls39
  4. The Good (I typed hood and almost left the typo)
    The decorations. My sister's friend, whose birth name is Princess (thus, hood) decorated the place before I arrived. The venue was cute, but I loved the gift station tent.
  5. The Meh
    There ended up being two entrances, so my entry activity became tricky to shuffle guests towards. It was the one I think @ashleyanwiler suggested with the sweet advice on the diapers. We did the sticker and the put that on diapers. I ended up just giving them some plain, advice-free diapers since we didn't use them all. But plenty of people participated, so it wasn't a total fail! Edit: this was suggested by @lyshap
  6. The Meh
    Somehow I was the one who had to write down all the gifts and who sent them. My mom shoulda done it because I had done a million things and her attitude was on my nerves. So I missed the cuteness of the gifts based on the angle I sat to get the names and such.
  7. The Meh
    My awesome game about how long various animals are pregnant was fun, but my sister kept telling me no one cares how long they are pregnant. She only said that because the party was almost over and she thought I'd go over. I'm a professional. I know how to make the game last the exact right amount of time. I made this graphic myself if you'd like it, just ask for a higher resolution one! Plus I have the answer key. This was suggested by @marcikm
  8. The Meh
    It was rainy, my very cute hairstyle turned into a very good way to visually communicate I had the flu after a few minutes in the misty wet outdoors. Also, my step sister was there and she kept jumping in sister pictures between me and my actual sister.
  9. The Bad
    The onesie station! Many of you including my @karlalucia made suggestions to do this decoration station. Well, my crazy sister got a whiff of it and steam rolled (pun soon to be intended) the fun out of it by making it an iron on station! No markers—no paint. Just iron on fabric, cut out the decals, then iron them on the onesie. I spent all my morning ironing the backing on the fabric. No one even walked over there because ironing ISN'T FUN
  10. The Bad
    The food. Looks purdy, I could only eat the kiwi. Same as my mother. My sister is the worst at accommodating for our allergies! Nothing is gluten or dairy free. I never got to try that pretty cake because it was filled with a creamy something.
  11. The Bad
    Step Monster came. She hugged me, so I made sure to wipe my warm flu cheek on hers just to share my germs a bit. I love sharing, you guys!
  12. The Bad
    I'm so scared I got one of those 4 pregnant people sick. Also there is never booze at those parties and there should be.
  13. Here are some photos
    Aunt Boogie and Mama to be
  14. Mimi, Aunt Boogs, Mama to be
  15. Aunt Ginger, Mimi, Monique, Me, Mama to be
  16. That pregnant girl
  17. Cool chairs
  18. The photo that caught my true feelings
  19. So happy it's over! So grateful you guys helped me come up with the games even if the pregnant lady ruined one*
    *she is going to have all her girlfriends come over and do the iron on onesies at her house next weekend. I'm invited and I'm excitedly awaiting my opportunity to decline! I'm kicking back until baby comes. 4 weeks to go! 👶🏽