Inspired by @iammeghanmurray
  1. I keep falling asleep
    As an insomniac, I'm not the kind of person who sleeps. I think I slept 15 hours today, and I'm in bed for the night now. Stress- related narcolepsy maybe? @bsizzle33 has it too.
  2. I haven't eaten
    I stress eat, I depression starve.
  3. I took 3 showers
    Trying to snap out of it
  4. I never got dressed today
  5. My dog won't leave my side
    Which means she is picking up my depression
  6. I never turned on the lights and it was overcast all day
  7. I haven't cried
    I cry when I can comprehend the pain I'm feeling
  8. The Cooler episode of New Girl did not make me laugh. Nor did the Jazz Kwon Do episode of Happy Endings.
  9. I deactivated my facebook and have been on media black out.
  10. I didn't respond to any texts from people who needed to be cheered up.
    It's usually my job, but today you gotta cheer yourself up.
  11. I cussed. Which when I do it, is rare and PG-13. Today, I used every word I knew.
  12. I drank less than a cup of water
    I'm a fish. Water is my favorite. Today I hate everything.
  13. I gave myself a migraine and didn't bother with medicine because I thought I deserved the pain.
  14. I looked out my window and realized how easy it would be to run in traffic.
  15. I seriously considered eating expired food in hopes I'd get sick and not have to leave the house for a couple more days.
  16. I never left the house