This is from my sleep doctor. Maybe it'll help you too.
  1. Well, I am not a fan of side effects from sleeping meds (weight gain, constipation, daytime sleepiness, addiction to sleeping meds)
  2. So every time I see my sleep doctor I try to just get an answer for how to sleep without any side effects.
  3. Not sure it'll work, but I am going to try his sleep hygiene tips to the T for the next 2 weeks.
    While also on Whole30 which allows me an easier night's sleep as well.
  4. He says:
  5. 1. No caffeine after 12pm
    I already do that. But maybe you don't. Give it a go!
  6. 2. Get sweaty 3 or so hours before bed
    Tire out your body.
  7. 3. Only go to your bed once it's time to sleep
    Again, I do all of these so far.
  8. 4. No screens for 1-2 hours before you want to be asleep.
    That's the kicker. He says "read read read" next to a lamp. No laptop, no TV, no phone. Just read. (This is NOT something I already do, but I have so many books that would love if I did this)
  9. 5. No naps
    😩 My favorite part of Sunday is napping after I buy groceries and before I start to meal prep. But fine.
  10. 6. If you wake up in the middle of the night, get out of bed.
    This is hard. He says give it 10 minutes, and then if you are still up, go to another room and read some more.
  11. I think that was it. Obviously #4 will be a huge change for me. Let's see how it goes.
  12. Giphy
  13. Update:
    How does one stop reading? I stayed up super late because I love reading. Maybe I'll try it with a timer tonight.
  14. Guys! Turn off the TV, Laptop, and put down the phone. The lamp and book trick is amazing.
    Takes me about 1/4 of the time to fall asleep after reading than it does to fall asleep after tweeting and laptopping. But 2 hours is NOT feasible. I have stuck with 45 minutes. Seems to be plenty. (You are required to read while in the splits, like the above gif. It's the rule)