Inspired by @barefootmeds two great Dad-centered lists. (10/25)
  1. He was born in Portsmouth, Ohio and I have never seen a baby picture of him. So maybe he was never a baby.
    He's about 6 here and that's the youngest picture I have of him. He is James Jr, so most people call him Jim or Jimbo. I learned around age 7, that I am not one of the people who can call him Jim 🙃
  2. He is the middle child, my Uncle Brian is his big brother, and my Auntie Franny is his baby sister. They were Navy Brats from 1961 - 1978
    I had to cut some of my dad's head off because it's just so big it barely fits in the picture! My mom and dad are both middle children, this is the reason my middle sister was always given the most attention.
  3. They were the first black students to attend their middle school. My dad was on the front lines of integration and he barely mentions it.
    Not to sound conceited, but my entire family oozes charisma, so they had an easy time integrating. My uncle, was almost 6 feet tall when he was 13. So, he was instantly popular. My dad and aunt were just as interesting and confident. My grandparents raised some rockstars!
  4. My dad was a star athlete, but he was much better at football than basketball. He also went to high school with Heather Locklear.
    My uncle was 6' 7" during his high school years, and he was on track to be a huge star. Instead of being in his shadow, my dad played basketball but really focused on football. He was team captain and just happened to later marry the head cheerleader (my mama!)
  5. My dad was nominated best dressed (although he had to share the title with this guy!) and my aunt won too!
    If you ask my dad he says "That guy borrowed his brother's clothes so it shouldn't even count!" He also made us pay $1 for every cuss word he found in our yearbook, and then we went through his yearbook and ended up making $2! His friends cussed more than ours 😏
  6. He had a Jheri curl at some point! 😂
    This has to be before I existed. I feel like I would have told him to cut it even though I was too young to speak. What is he doing here? 😂
  7. He was a young husband and young dad. 3 kids and a wife by 24! Here's us just hanging.
    We were buds back then. He taught me how to burp without anything to drink. He turned me into a Lakers Fan, and overall made it very clear that girls can do anything. They wanted a son, so I always tried to be super chill bro
  8. We lost about 6 years in our relationship. He married PureEvil™, and until I left for college, he and I had limited interactions.
    This was the father daughter dance at my cousin's wedding. We have been getting along just fine since I became an adult. Some people are meant to parent adults. He's better at that. I always wonder what life would have been like if my parents stayed married. It seemed so perfect. What would have burst my bubble if not for the divorce?
  9. Now we have a larger family, my step-sister got married and has kids (photographed). PureEvil™ is hidden, but she is there...
    I always wonder how she even shows up on film? She's not human. He's still married to her. Let's move to more happy things!
  10. He loves his (step)Grandkids. They love him. He is the most stable man they know. Actually, he is the most stable man most people in my family know. He is rock solid.
    My cousins, no offense, have flaky dads, even my dad's older brother comes and goes as he pleases. My dad stays put and is just everyone's Dad. Sometimes I hate sharing him, especially with my step-sister because she needs SO much attention. She had 14 years without a Dad so she makes up for lost time. I get it. But I also want to pull my BiologicalChildCard!
  11. He's still a charm monster.
    That kid who eased into an all white middle school is still my dad. He is not shy, and he does not ever let someone feel like a stranger. My cousin had gotten in town from Germany in this picture and he couldn't let go of her he was so happy to see her.
  12. He loves my Twiggy
    My dad is strangely not a dog person. I have no clue how I am his daughter! But he loves his kids so much, that he loves our dogs. Both me and Mika have chihuahuas, and although my dad refers to chihuahuas in general as "rats." He melts when Twiggy or Romeo sit on his lap! He even has me put him on speaker phone so he can talk to her 😂
  13. He's welcoming to our male suitors.
    This poor dad of mine has been surrounded by daughters and granddaughters for 35 years. When my sister brought around her now-husband, my dad was more than happy to include him in things like this family portrait (he was merely a boyfriend here). My dad's-dad is in the middle, and his wife is next to PureEvil™. I'm the 7th wheel
  14. We have a standing shopping date of 12/24 every year. No one else is allowed to join.
    I have started bringing Santa hats for both of us, this year he got lucky and I forgot one. We spend the entire day avoiding all the holiday stress, we NEVER discuss his wife, and we shop for last minute gifts. It's the only reason I come home for Christmas most years. My mom and sister tried to make their own copycat date and they always end up inviting others. We are outgoing introverts! No one is invited!
  15. My inner monologue is in his voice.
    I saw a commercial that was telling parents to watch what you say because eventually your words will become the words your kids play over and over in their head. I love my mom, but something about the way my brain works, is very much like my father's. Sure I have issues, and yes, I am a better version than him because I took the good from both parents. But the voice telling me right from wrong is Dad. Forever.
  16. Happy Birthday Pops!
  17. Just bumping this list so I don't repeat myself on Father's Day