1. I just got back from my doctor
  2. I went there because I am pretty sure I have a bleeding ulcer (how am I single!?)
  3. It's due to stress. I hold all stress in my stomach.
  4. When she asked why I have been so stressed, I said "The Election"
  5. I live in very safe suburbs. All of her patients are living decent lives, and likely white or whatever I am.
  6. Her reply, "you are my third appointment today that has symptoms directly tied to the election results."
    The other people were having high blood pressure and panic attacks.
  7. Again, can you even fathom three appointments in one day of stressed out citizens in 2004, 2008, 2012?
    These election results have quite literally made us sick.
  8. These are comfy suburbs. Imagine how other people could be dealing with this. People without insurance, without family doctors, without jobs that let them disappear for two hours.
  9. This is very real. Its very scary.
  10. Just something to think about.