Sunshine Day!

  1. I was having a crummy start to my week. I went to bed with this hair attached to my head 👇🏽
  2. My alarm never went off this morning and I forgot to put on makeup for work. I was running a bit behind and made up for it by coming to work with my ogre face
  3. Then the intern texts me from her vacation to tell me what of her stuff she thinks I should do for HER before she returns.
    She is the intern. She has no rank. She just. Guys let's move on.
  4. Then a box arrived...
  5. It was addressed to Boogie! Which means it's from someone I love.
  6. There's a card.
    I already know who it's from, but I'm leaving you in suspense because that's how I roll.
  7. There is a squirrel for Twiggy. Maybe she'll finally break up with her rabbit boyfriend.
  8. A face mask that I am NOT allergic to!
    It's going on my naked face as soon as I get home!
  9. Summer jammies in a fun bright color and the perfect size!
  10. Bath bombs for tonight as well
    One for tonight.
  11. Candy, which I assume is meant for dinner.
  12. One of the 4 books I don't have!
    Plus I really wanted to read!!! So excited!!!
  13. The card. My @hillary79 sent this lovely package just because. I love her.
  14. My heart is warm and full. I never knew friends could just bring goodness into your life without some tradeoff.
  15. Be jealous, or start being closer friends with her. She is the best. She's the 💩
  16. Hillary, aka Gabriel's mom, aka Bob Dylan's biggest fan, aka mine and @karlalucia's triplet, aka progressive as hell Texan, aka rockstar bff, thank you.