Inspired by @lucy
  1. I read lucy's list and immediately went to google
  2. I have two types of Synesthesia and I learned of one last year from @plaidflannel
  3. The first one is Mirror Touch Synesthesia
    I can feel things when they happen to others. I can't watch people get hurt (like in a football game on TV) because I am going to share their pain quite literally. I will find myself grabbing my knee if an athlete on TV scrapes their knee and such. It makes me very empathetic, and always makes me very cautious of what I watch. (This is why I can't watch horror films. It physically hurts)
  4. But there is something else weird about my brain and I was determined to put a name to how I remember details of events based solely on numbers.
    Like I remember the day movies came out from years ago. I remember the year everything happened. I remember Bring it On came out in 2000 and Save the Last Dance came out almost a year to the day later.
  5. So, here is how I see the calendar in my brain
    I am not sure if this is how everyone else sees it. But my cousin and her mom were born on the 29th of February and the 29th of November and when I told her that's like mirrored birthdays, they didn't understand what I meant. My other cousin and her dad are born on June 3rd and July 3rd and I again said "matching!" and they didn't get it.
  6. I see other numbers laid out in maps and it's really easy to add and subtract when you picture things moving forward or backward on a mind grid.
    The 12 months are the easiest for me to draw.
  7. Here is how I see decades
    They get further away. I'm sure you love these drawings!
  8. There is a name for people like me!
  9. Number Form Synesthesia
  10. They used to think this was a mental illness. But it's clear to me this was why I was such a fan of math. It's not an illness. It's a damn gift.
  11. It says people with this form usually remember birthdays and any dates easier and with more detail than others can easily recall.
  12. I like it. I have a sixth and seventh sense.
  13. Giphy