The Awesome Cast in "Away We Go"

I am rewatching my favorite movie and the cast is insane. I loved the movie first and realized I love the supporting cast later
  1. Main Couple is played by
    Maya Rudolph as Verona
  2. and John Krasinski
    as Bert
  3. Bert (JK) has parents played by:
  4. Catherine O'Hara
  5. and Jeff Daniels
  6. Their friends are played by:
  7. Allison Janney
  8. Jim Gaffigan
  9. Chris Messina (pre Mindy Project)
  10. Melanie Lynskey
    Her scenes will break your heart
  11. Maggie Gyllenhaal
  12. and Josh Hamilton
  13. Bert's Brother is Paul Schneider
    Pre-Parks and Rec, so this may have been why they tried to make him the Jim character on early Parks episodes
  14. Verona's sister is played by Carmen Ejogo
    Fantastic casting for both siblings!
  15. Watch it. It's gonna be more than just my favorite movie, if I can help it.