I'm three! Ready?
  1. Ursula SeaMonster from The Little Mermaid
    Because she is a sassy black lady. I have her body, and her beauty. But I like the way she just doesn't give a crap about being cute for people. She totally pissed off her sea monster parents for years! (Her last name is SeaMonster, right?)
  2. Fear from Inside Out
    I am a textbook worrier and I just always flip out if anything doesn't go as planned. Plus, I am afraid of everything while I drive, so this👆🏽 is how I feel when I see wind or rain in the forecast before a long drive. Even if I seem cool sometimes, my motherboard is run by Fear.
  3. Princess Jasmine
    I think she had a LOT to do with my feminism. She was a Disney Princess that didn't have to marry a prince. She also didn't think getting married was the ONLY goal in life. She wanted to be a whole person before settling down. She [spoiler alert] found true love with someone that didn't fit her father's ideal image. I plan to do the same. Also, she is brown and I never saw Pocahontas, so this was the only brown princess until Tiana for me. Tiana's movie came out in my 20s.