Inspired by @k8zinker
  1. I was 18
  2. At a "house party" which was really just a hang out at my Frenemy's house.
  3. This was the summer after high school but before college. Literally did not care what anyone thought about me anymore.
  4. My frenemy is always the first one who gets wasted and someone has to babysit her all night.
  5. We had a rap battle, which I won. It's on film somewhere. Everyone at that party was VERY white beside the VERY black me.
    If I ever run for Senate, that video will surface.
  6. We drank Trash Can Punch.
  7. I don't know what is in Trash Can Punch, but I am sure it is classy!
  8. I remember the punch was red.
  9. I was not eating, because I was saving the calories so I could drink. A pattern that followed me for quite some time.
  10. Everyone was single. Because we were all going to different states and some were joining the army. My friend Brandon actually became a Marine.
  11. It was a huge night for our gang. The last hoorah, even.
  12. I recall Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" playing while I gave a (fully clothed) lap dance to Brandon on the couch.
  13. This should have been when we all knew I transitioned from tipsy to full-on drunk.
  14. When I am tipsy, I sit on EVERYONE's lap. Something I have never (excluding Santa Claus) done sober.
  15. But a lap dance?
  16. Just for the record, I wasn't being gross and didn't kiss him or like cross the line.
  17. I was drunk yo!
  18. After one more solo cup (maybe my third) I ran upstairs to "toss my cookies" in privacy.
  19. Frenemy came upstairs and found me, which honestly annoyed me because I didn't want anyone to know I threw up.
  20. She brought me water. Which was nice. She held my hair, which was fine. I hated her seeing me vulnerable. Meant I couldn't judge her for getting drunk for at least another 10 parties.
  21. Turns out, I'm a bit of a control freak!
  22. But great at lap dances and rap battles!
  23. Only got sick from drinking one more time in the next 12 years. (I also didn't eat that day)
  24. Now your turn, tell us the first time you got real drunk!
    Make sure to tag @k8zinker since it's her idea!