The King Of The Double (or Triple) Entendre... Childish Gambino

Here are some of my favorites from his single "freaks and geeks" Explicit!
  1. "I am running this bitch [the rap game], you are just a dog walker"
  2. "I'm the shit, when these dudes talk, they talking Bull Me, ugh!!!"
  3. "Yeah I like the white girls sometimes we get together, need a thick chick though, so it's black and yellow, black and yellow"
  4. "We can squash the beef right now like sausages!"
  5. "My dick is made of carrots, bunnies wanting to be fed it, I meant honeys, oh forget it!"
  6. "In the back of the bush like Gavin Rossdale's drummer"
  7. "My stinger's in her flower, I hope she let me pollinate. Workin hard as shit, yeah this beat is made from concentrate"
  8. "Took the G out your waffle. All you got left is your ego. Think about it for a second."
  9. "You get sloppy drunk, I stay Whiskey neat. My clique should be cancelled, Freaks and Geeks."
  10. Every lyric is perfect in this single. I highly recommend a listen.