Inspired by @mnickwrites, but I changed everything cool about his list into a major nerd list. Here goes!
  1. Watch an Olsen Twins marathon
    @itsohlivia obviously
  2. Netflix binge for days
    @angela3950 @colls39 and @TVAddict I trust your tastes!
  3. Be stuck in an elevator
    @kcupcaker because I feel like I need her undivided attention. We are all stuck sharing her and there isn't enough to go around. I may rig the elevator. I'm just sayin...
  4. Travel the world
    @theshome because people would have zero clue where we were from and we would get like all the hot guys. They'd flock around us for her, and be like "meh, she'll do" when they get stuck with me. 😂
  5. Road trip across the US
    @mnickwrites because, okay, you chose me as your running mate, but I switched it up for the element of surprise. Also, as your running mate we would travel the world. We could see which one of us is the bigger smart ass! (Spoiler alert: Its a tie!)
  6. Crash a wedding
    @LordMiyagi because his British accent will make people think we are a fancy couple. I'll keep my mouth shut, and they'll think we are classy. Then we will lead the congo lines and the cupid shuffle while I teach him about all the stupid American traditions.
  7. Write a book of poetry (or two)
    This one is a tie, @talor and @musesofamustardseed both better be signed on before I even bother writing a word. Better yet, you two can write it and I'll just share in the profits. Thanks!
  8. Sing Karaoke
    @lexie_elyse and @sarahsmith4 I need something fun and legal for my underage ladies on here. We are going to drink virgin margaritas and sing all night long! Some duets, some trios! But we are never dropping the mic, yo!
  9. Get drunk and make questionable decisions
    @jonmichaelwxyz duh! I need to cut loose as much as he does. Why the heck not? So what if we TP a house or three while having a good time? So what if we become graffiti artists? Who cares!
  10. Get arrested in Tijuana
    No one but the taser resistant hottie herself, Miss @bsizzle33 is worth getting arrested with! Wanna know why they probably arrested us? Because we got up on the stage at the strip club, did better than the other chicks without taking our clothes off and left with a buttload of money. Holla back y'all
  11. Make the worlds best mixtape
    I trust @gd3 with all major decisions. I suck at mixtapes, and his tastes are far better than mine. I'd help, by suggesting songs and he'd say "no, but that does remind me of an actual good song." And he'd be sweet about it.
  12. Run for political office
    The one. The only. @hillary79 We would add it to the constitution that prayer in schools is only legal if it begins with "dear 8 pound 6 ounce baby Jesus." (They can switch to match their Lord of choice, btdubs.) We're liberals, what? Progressive as hell!
  13. Tour Every Vineyard Everywhere
    @karlalucia because she would tell me when the red wine made my teeth look stained. Also because we could spend more time together and she can help me act like a grown up. Not because she is bossy, but because she is a baller role model. Plus so much drinking!
  14. Play bar trivia
    I decided to make a team because I hate not having everyone! @taylormorley @PeteOnEarth @veshecco @dreadpiratemama and @sarahgorman I feel like we have current events, politics, geography, all that stuff covered with this group!
  15. Make sarcastic commentary while people watching
    This is another team effort: @jessilee23 @shanaz @ijeoma because those three would NEVER say the same thing and I would be laughing non-stop.
  16. Write a children's book
    No question, I actually came up with this answer first: @doodler19 and it would be called "Curly headed kids" and it would be a book about embracing your hair texture even if it doesn't match your parents. All kids are perfect! It would include quotes from her daughter with the lovely way she mispronounces her words.
  17. Meet in a hotel bar and get buzzed while learning all the best French cuss words!
    @Lisa_Fav No. Brainer. Merde!