How I became a fan of The Office. A chronological list
  1. I'm a late adopter. The show started when I was in college, and not interested in any TV shows.
    My early adopter cousin watched episodes on his video ipod. I should trust his taste. He's never wrong.
  2. Then my sister moved to LA and started doing work as an extra.
  3. She was on an episode of The Office
    The episode is Job Fair.
  4. I watched Safety Training around the time she was filming her episode.
    It was a rerun, I didn't know. I was trying to figure out why this show was filmed mostly outside. It didn't make me laugh. It was too smart I thought.
  5. I caught her Job Fair episode.
    Saw her 5 times. She's below the pink arrow. There wasn't an arrow when it aired, I added that 😉
  6. I watched again for the Super Bowl
    The episode was Stress Relief. The zaniest episode of the series.
  7. Michael Scott said a line that had me sold.
    "You will not die Stanley! Barack is president! You are black Stanley!"
  8. I watched the next episode, Lecture Circuit.
    Kelly Kapoor was everything I wanted on a TV show.
  9. The CW began playing reruns of the first 100 episodes
  10. I lost my job (Hello, 2008!) and really missed having coworkers
    This show helped me stay connected. I didn't feel invisible.
  11. I bought the dvds and memorized the extra features
    Like, I can quote commentaries. I do not exaggerate. Best DVD commentaries from The Office
  12. I bought everything associated with the show
    Pictured: Threat Level Midnight shirt. Not Pictured: Everything else from the NBC store
  13. I moved to Chicago for a new job where I knew no one. I watched The Office everyday and it kept me from depression.
  14. I stayed a hardcore fan until the end.
  15. Even flew from Dallas to Scranton to say goodbye at the Wrap Party
  16. I still watch it everyday. We are living happily ever after.
  17. I love you, The Office.