The Parks & Rec Moments that Made Me Cry Like a Baby

Inspired by @karlalucia, and I have badly paraphrased the lines I recall from the scenes highlighted below.
  1. When April knew Ron was in pain even though he refused to be vulnerable all work day. So she came back after work to check on him and got him to the hospital.
    April: "Do you have AIDS?" Ron: "I have a hernia" April: "People can have two things."
  2. April and Andy's Fancy Party that turned into a wedding
    Ben: "Their relationship is younger than my Brita filter. Should I replace my Brita filter?" Leslie: "I dunno! It depends on how often you use it!"
  3. When lil Sebastian (spoiler) dies
    🎶Up in horsey heaven here's the thing. You trade your legs for angels wings. Once we all say goodbye, you take a running leap and you learn to flyyyyyyyy🎶
  4. When the gang decides to run Leslie's campaign for her and no one tells Jerry.
    Donna: "Transpo, aka, rides in my Benz"
  5. The moment Leslie votes for herself, and then later (spoiler) wins.
    "They've done the recount. It's still 21 votes. But you won. Leslie you won" (I rewatched this on Nov 7th hoping I'd have the same feeling the next day)
  6. When it's Halloween and Ben (spoiler) attempts to propose.
  7. ...and Leslie makes him wait because she wants to soak in the moment before she (spoiler) says Yes yes yes yes yes!
    Insider info, this was filmed the same week Amy announced her divorce from Will Arnett 😭
  8. At the engagement party, where the whole gang threatens Ben if he ever hurts Leslie
    "Do not hurt her." "Don't you dare hurt her!" "Seriously though, you better not hurt her."
  9. The best (spoiler) vows in any TV wedding
  10. Couple goals. I love a cheap, impromptu, true love wedding.
    Plus I love that her best friend is still Ann. Ben is her husband. That's my dream.
  11. When the gals sing together and April (spoiler) lets her guard down.
    🎶If you're lost you can look and you will find me. Time after time. If you fall I will catch you I'll be waiting... 👆🏽(plus these chicks have AMAZING voices)
  12. When Ann Perkins (@lexie_elyse I checked my spelling!) has her baby and Leslie lays in the bed with her.
    I love female friendships!
  13. Hologram Lil Sebastian at the Unity Concert
  14. Who is then joined by (spoiler) Duke Silver
    Somehow Donna knew the whole time and look at Ginuwine so happy. I never felt more unified.
  15. Donna's Wedding where she makes the whole gang call Jerry/Terry/Larry by his real name... Garry
    He cries, I cry. Then ?uestlove throws a microwave. It's a great episode.
  16. Every moment of the finale. One last ride.
  17. This makes me laugh like a... [thing that laughs as much as a baby cries]
    It was an improv and the reason Retta is the all time best.