Boy meets girl. Things stay awkward. Forever
  1. I was in high school, maybe a senior
  2. The guy I was talking to was a sophomore
  3. I thought it was dumb to date a younger guy
  4. No one even knew we were friends
  5. One weeknight he had the house to himself overnight
  6. I drove there, and clearly lied to my parents
  7. I get to his house and realize he's so lame. Just in general, not his age
  8. We never even kiss. But it's too late to go home
  9. I sleep on his sisters twin bed two rooms away from him
  10. I planned to leave early before he woke up
  11. After sleeping for a couple hours
  12. I feel someone wiggle my toe
    Its the weirdest place to be touched in your sleep. Trust me.
  13. Its not him
  14. Its his very strict uncle, who looks exactly like Carl Winslow, but mad
  15. I was terrified because I forgot where I was, so it seemed like HE was the stranger in MY house
  16. He said "excuse me? Who are you!"
  17. I jumped up, said nothing, grabbed my stuff and left so fast.
  18. But I promise I forgot until I got a friend request today from the guy.
  19. We never spoke again. I'm sure I got him grounded.
    I found a different date for prom.
  20. No one in the world knew this occurred until now.
  21. Its not even that interesting.