1. Haircuts.
  2. Conversations about diets during meals.
    Fut the shuck up about your diet.
  3. Discussions about feral cats in the neighborhood, unless there is a rap.
  4. Anyone else's Pinterest board.
    I don't find your stuff pinteresting at all.
  5. Talking about Nordstrom's Rack.
    That place isn't fun or cool to me at all.
  6. Hearing people nitpick about shows I love.
    "They didn't even have diet coke in 1979! How did Rebecca's mom order it?" Shut up while I watch This Is Us in peace.
  7. Gender reveal parties.
  8. The vacations my coworkers go on. Kill me.
    They all go to the same place in Florida and even run into each other. That literally sounds like eternal damnation.
  9. Staff Meetings once we are done with the ice breaker and before lunch arrives.
  10. Listening to old white men talk about hardships.
    Give me a break.