1. Pretend to be Amanda Bynes and prank call Drake.
  2. Braid hair that is one inch long.
  3. Tell sweet pickles and dill pickles apart with a blindfold on, if I have a chance to taste both pickles.
  4. Get Damon John to invest in my new business.
    Business idea pending.
  5. Do the lipstick move Molly Ringwald does in Breakfast Club.
  6. Tell you which season of Parks and Rec Ann Perkins had which hairstyle.
    Photo from 2015 as proof that I am not a fake fan, Lexie 😭😭😭
  7. Walk down the VS fashion show runway and open the angel wings without even showing any effort
  8. Sing and dance exactly like they do in Hairspray (2007)
  9. Skip two stairs at a time going up.
    This is only in emergencies.
  10. Blow up an air mattress with only my own breathy air.
  11. Make up one new word a day for a year.
  12. Cuss in front of my parents.
    No. I can't do this one.