My name is Christina. I have worked here for 2 years, the company has 15 staff members.
  1. "Whomever"
    "Can whomever grabs the phone please show me how to check my voicemail?" My name is Christina.
  2. "Kristin"
    "You did a good job leading that meeting today Kristin." (There is a Kristin here, and she did not lead that meeting. My name is Christina.)
  3. *silence*
    "That was done by a three person team including Carrie and Suzanne." (Missing a third name? Yep. That's me. It's Christina.)
  4. "Christine"
    This one wouldn't be on the list if it was spoken. However, this was in an email where I was copied. My name is in the CC line, yet they still can't remember it!
  5. [absence of name]
    Kristin put all your books in alphabetical order yesterday! (Christina and Kristin put the books in alphabetical order, yet I used an invisibility cloak)
  6. [redacted]
    I moved the table! Well, Anthony helped, the maintenance guy helped. (Christina moved the table, again with an invisibility cloak along with them)
  7. This is still happening! Am I a ghost?
  8. Hey Christine! We have a misfeed.
    Not my name. Not my problem.