1. Unused tampons
    Haven't broken the news to her that she's fixed. I have them in a toiletry bag and she seems to think it's the secret bag o' toys.
  2. Makeup remover wipes
    Her makeup never even smears! Her bed has her favorite toys in there. Including an empty "yes to cucumber" makeup wipe.
  3. Hair ties
    What are you gonna do? Put your ears in a ponytail? I don't even know where she finds them!
  4. Prosecco
    She isn't allowed to drink (she's only 1!) but she loves to sniff!
  5. Fabric Softener sheets
    I'm sure she thinks laundry is just all about ripping up fabric sheets. She grabs them as if they are piñata candies!
  6. Shoes!
    They are way too big for her little feet! This is a typical dog thing, but she does seem to know which ones are newest. She destroys those if she gets the chance.
  7. You look at this face and tell her no.
    I'm impossible. She runs this house!