Because I am done looking to my parents for validation. Definitive List Of Things That Make My Parents Proud
  1. Trying something new or scary.
  2. Finishing chapters of the book(s) I'm writing.
  3. Editing my pilot script until it's good enough to submit.
  4. Saying No to things I don't want to do.
  5. Keeping my food down after meals, even though I know every trick to eliminate the food from my body immediately.
  6. Seeing my hair grow because I finally started absorbing enough nutrients to have full thick hair.
  7. Not texting my ex when I need a jolt of self-esteem. Finding it within myself instead.
  8. Paying off debts.
  9. Keeping my dog alive. Harder than it sounds with my allergy dog.
  10. Keeping my skin clear by only drinking water.
  11. Applying for my dream job even if I don't get it.
  12. Posting selfies without makeup.
  13. Speaking to people from high school and not hiding even though I am 50 pounds bigger than I was at graduation.
  14. Mastering a recipe that looked hard and improving it each time I make it.
  15. Going to therapy...and many more.