Inspired by @amieshmamie
  1. Favorite Movie
    Away We Go. Ah it's so good. Jim Halpert with Maya Rudolph. Such good chemistry.
  2. Favorite Book
    Only until mine gets published of course. Trevor Noah's is a VERY CLOSE second. But I never stop getting info out of re-reads. I like books that make me smarter, rather than as an escape.
  3. Beliefs on Heaven and Hell
    Sort of a hybrid about what church tells me. I think that people like Trump and Stepmonster are not going to be in the same afterlife as me. I think there is a Bad Place, for sure. Good Places are more complicated, but I am going to be upset if I die and don't get to see my grandma again. I think doing good is good. Some churches don't care at all. Also, all dogs (except Cujo) go to heaven.