*I am not pms-ing, and these are not sad nor happy tears. Sometimes my eyes just want to cry. The challenge this week (the only time I have ever seen this show, btw) is making a tie dye cake.
  1. The kids walk out and see tie dye and flower power. Some cute black girl goes, "I know nothing about the 80's! I'm ten. I was born in 2006."
    The tie dye was the 60s! 😭
  2. One kid asked another kid if they can borrow the cake flour, the other kid says yes. 😭
  3. A different cute kid says "hippies seemed really cool, I wonder why they stopped" and I whispered to myself "they grew up" 😭
  4. Duff and Valerie who host the show say there is a twist and the kids have make swirl ice cream. The littlest one says "what did we ever do to you?" 😭
  5. One kid asked another kid if they can borrow some food coloring, the other kid says yes. 😭
  6. Duff sees the skinny little black boy hasn't started baking his cakes yet and says to him "are you worried?" Kid says "nope." Duff says "I'm a little worried." 😭
  7. The tiny girl grabs orange extract that is almost as big as her 😭
  8. The black girl (obvi my fave) realizes her cake isn't finished and has to put it back in the oven and calls it a "dumb cake" 😂😭
  9. I'll probably cry 16 more times. Its only been on for 22 minutes and I never even watch this show.
  10. Don't recommend watching this, it's a real tearjerker if you are mentally unstable.
  11. OMG one kid just asked the other kids how they are all doing 😭
  12. I'm changing the channel, I'll die if one of these kids gets kicked off the show.