Tiny Places You Don't See Your Privilege, But We Do

  1. Greeting Cards
    Father's Day and Mother's Day cards have exclusively white people on them. Even cartoon renderings. Unless the card company is minority-owned, everything you see will be white. There is a line called Mahogany at Hallmark, but they are in specialty stores only. My parents usually get a card with a dog on front. My blonde dog benefits from chihuahua privilege.
  2. Lice Checks during PE
    I haven't been in public elementary school for 20 years, and I still remember how they treated me and my braided pigtails during lice checks. All the white kids just got their hair parted a couple times and then they could go. But the black kids, we couldn't undo our braids so they would pull our parted hair real hard to look at our scalp and then just give up. Black people don't get lice though. 😉
  3. Pinterest Searches!
    Search Bride, Makeup, Child, Kids, Family, Hairstyles, etc. You have to type "African American" or "Latina" before a search term if you'd like to see people of color at all. But don't type in "black". It will show you white women in black clothing or black/white photography.🙄
  4. Bandaids!
    And don't bring up that they started making them in more shades or just to wear the clear ones! No one has those on hand. Everyone has standard white person bandaid color. I only buy princess or unicorn bandaids now because that is how I choose to fight the power. 🦄
  5. This Silly Little T-shirt
    It says "bun in the oven" and shows a pink child peeking through the maternity shirt. Bought one for my pregnant white friend last year and realize the joke won't play the same if I get it for my pregnant black friend this year. 😧
  6. Hair Care Aisles
    Come on now. They have "hair care" and then "ethnic hair care!" Separate but equal ain't ever equal. Just put all the hair products in the same aisle. Why are you sending us to the hidden corner of the store near the condoms and lube just for some Oil Sheen spray? You got room. Scoot some of the purple Aussie bottles over and let us calm frizz together! 💆🏽