Traits I Get from Family Members

Inspired by @tylerka323
  1. My favorite cousin Monique
    I am her clone. Ten years younger. Same hair, height, humor, intellect, quirks, freckles, shoe size, etc.
  2. My grandma, Nana
    (I'm in her lap here) I got her quick smart-tongue. Not caring about people's opinions also comes from this queen. Wish I got her cooking skills, I did not 😩
  3. My grandpa, Poppy
    I get my effortlessly cool "it factor" from him 😂 Oh, and my dance skills. Just in my DNA to groove.
  4. My oldest sister @graciagrapes
    We got the same Flintstone feet, the same comedy snobbery, our noses are clearly from the same family, and the world's least arched eyebrows. Thanks Dad!
  5. My middle sister
    We usually make the same jokes at the same time. I'm not sure if that's a trait, but it's annoying to sound like Siamese Twins when we are several years apart. We are also the same height and have disproportionately thin wrists and fingers.
  6. My soul sister (cousin)
    We both have the big boobs in the family. We clearly took more than our share! She's another political one, so we always have a lot to talk about. She lives in DC. That's off topic.
  7. Dad
    I have the female version of my dad's everything. Same smile, same earlobes, same fingernails, same long skinny calves, etc. You are the father! Lol. Plus, Dad loves coming up with rules, and so do I. 👯 Having A Fun Time Means Following The Rules: Zumba Edition
  8. She get it from her mama
    [ignore homegirl in the middle] Everyone thinks I look just like my mom. I don't see it. But hey, I definitely have her hair and eyes. I have food allergies like her and a similarly weak immune system. I'm taller than her, and obviously MUCH more tan. (Humor me)