Written by my dog, transcribed by me 😉
  1. I went to take a picture with Santa, but I don't just sit on any strangers lap, so I pretended to bite him.
  2. My best friend Romeo took his picture with Santa, but mama didn't raise no fool.
    (I know that isn't really Santa because Santa is African American.)
  3. I know I don't have to do anything if I pretend to be scared. I usually get a treat in addition to a free pass.
  4. I got a yummy treat from the pet store lady.
    I'm cute, it happens a lot.
  5. Then mommy got me something I don't want to like, but I think it's growing on me...
  6. It's a dress with a Tutu attached.
  7. It says Santa's Sweetie.
    Which, if we are being honest here, I'd guarantee I'm on the naughty list. But like, I get the sentiment.
  8. I want to hate it because all the other dogs walk around au naturel.
    I think that's French.
  9. But I don't hate it. Do you like it?
  10. Draw me like one of your French girls, li.st 😘