1. My coworker's extra lame husband called yesterday to see how many people were in the office.
  2. Just a quick snapshot of this guy's personality... he refers to vegetarian meals as "liberal food"
    He is an unemployed (very unattractive) white man married to a black woman who is the breadwinner, yet he is still covered in his white male privilege ego. He's also a proud Trump voter and can't tell that it makes me projectile vomit. This guy is like Jon Lovitz-level-hot 🤢
  3. Giphy
    Friend = Wife for him in this instance
  4. His acting reel
  5. He called because he wanted to send his wife flowers.
    Sounds nice right?
  6. Nah.
  7. Giphy
  8. He wanted to send her flowers when most people were in the office.
    He wanted to do it for credit. Like, he sucks and wanted people to think he is sweet.
  9. I was the only one in the office when he called, so he waited until today during our staff meeting.
  10. The flowers were hideous and I hate him.
    He's a house husband in the worst way possible. He's my worst nightmare of the type of guy I could have ended up with. I think his full time job is being bad at video games and darkening the circles under his eyes.
  11. There was no point to this list, I just really hate that dude.
  12. Everyone fell for the flower thing. Except me. He's a douche.
    He obviously isn't getting her anything for Valentine's Day and wanted to act spontaneous.
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