1. My mom just sent me this amazing picture!
  2. It's my maternal grandma, Betty Jean and all of her siblings.
  3. More than half of them are still around. But my grandma passed away when I was 2.
  4. It's funny how many 30-something-aged cousins resemble their grandparents, or even their great aunt/uncle.
  5. Top Row: Uncle Bill, Uncle Jack, Aunt Carolyn (the baby sister who still looks this EXACT age!) and Uncle Bobby (the rich uncle, and the only of the men that's still alive)
    We have so many weird nicknames for my aunts that I don't know their government names! Betty Jean, Aunt Connie, Aunt Dottie, Aunt Celly, Aunt Tina, and Aunt Bunny. Everyone but Betty Jean and Dottie (the oldest sister) are still alive and rocking rhe electric slide at family reunions.
  6. My grandma is the one on the right who you can barely see, of course!
  7. I guess this picture is from the early 70s.
  8. It shows how many different shades of skin black people can have. They all have the same parents.
  9. It shows that black is beautiful.
  10. Last but not least, it shows where I got these flamingo legs!
    I'm 5' 6 and about 4' of me is leg. My mom, dad and sisters all have short legs. My dad is 6 ft tall and our legs are almost the same length!
  11. I could join the picture in this outfit! I match perfect with them.
  12. Love these people! Such a good picture to find in her photo boxes!