Or people who have been there before?
  1. I'll be there Friday through Tuesday for work and I have all the nights free.
  2. What to do near the convention centre?
  3. Do I get to spell words with the extra "u"? Favourite and Colour...
  4. Is poutine in British Columbia? Or just in French Canada?
  5. Besides Tim Hortons is there anything that's so Canadian I should give a go?
  6. Do you guys have Uber?
  7. Will Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams be easy to find? Also, Alan Thicke.
  8. Yes to Uber and I'm sure there are good poutine places in Van City (don't call it that unless approved by someone from there, I'm not sure if anyone from Vancouver refers to it as such)
    And you have to spell words with u otherwise we'll have to write a strongly, yet politely, worded letter asking you to comply with our spelling laws, if it's okay with you that is.
    Suggested by @theshome
  9. Oh and Ryan is from the city I'm living in. I haven't met his family yet. Rachel went to school with a friend of mine. He thinks this means something. It doesn't.
    Suggested by @theshome
  10. Actually Uber isn't available in Vancouver, only Montreal and Toronto have it in Canada but if you open the Uber app in Vancouver you can sign the petition to get it in Vancouver! Make sure you go to gastown! It's an old area downtown. Check out Salt wine bar and the Clough Club! Also if you like poutine try Smokes Poutinerie on Granville street.
    Suggested by @emtwids
  11. Spend some time walking on Robson Street. Some cool shops and restaurants
    Suggested by @jennifer1482
  12. I live in Vancouver!
    Suggested by @shadowman