1. My sister got married April 30th, and I was her Maid of Honor.
  2. It was torture, and I was monumentally broke and anti-social once the event was all over.
  3. The couple only registered for a HoneyFund, no toasters or any normal gifts.
    That's where you put money towards activities at their honeymoon.
  4. I hate HoneyFunds because I give good gifts and I feel like they are censorship.
  5. I decided I would buy them 4 hours with a professional organizer to help them move into their new home when they returned from the honeymoon.
  6. I ran the idea by my dad and he said that my Brother in Law is too particular about his stuff, and I should think of another gift.
  7. They said they'll just take a Home Depot gift card.
    This sucks because I was still broke, and the organizer was giving me a huge discount.
  8. So I just stopped trying. I decided to wait until my sister's birthday.
  9. As long as Wedding gifts are received within 6 months of the wedding, they still count.
  10. Her birthday is tomorrow. 2 weeks before the 6 month expiration date for wedding gifts.
  11. I am no longer broke, and I like my sister (a bit) again.
  12. So, here's what she's getting:
  13. It's my Maid of Honor speech (that she loved) and the last picture of the two of us before we no longer shared the same last name.
    This is that picture, just easier to see.
  14. Plus a Home Depot gift card, because I get it. Sometimes, you have to go to Home Depot.
  15. Just because I love it so much, this is what I got her for her birthday last year.
    A custom dog-tuxedo for her chihuahua ring bearer Romeo. I give good gift.