I have been told someone on here finds me intense. Well, sure.
  1. I am intense about women supporting women.
  2. I am intense about remembering details about you that matter to you.
  3. I am intense about protecting anyone who is being bullied.
  4. I am intense about finding the perfect gifts.
  5. I am intense about ensuring people I am a soft spot to land if they ever need it.
  6. I am intense in respecting people's differences.
  7. I am intense when people try to disenfranchise the groups I am a part of.
    Women ✅ Black Folk ✅ Chubby People ✅
  8. I am intensely good at remembering which celebrity people share birthdays with.
  9. I am intensely bad at ending sentences with prepositions.
  10. I am intense with respecting deadlines.
  11. I am intense with my love of Michael B Jordan.
  12. I am intense when you ask for help.
  13. I am intense when I want to memorize something difficult*
    *Guns and Ships @ashleyanwiler
  14. I am intense about closing the wage gap.
  15. I intensely despise the alternative president.
  16. Eff yeah, I'm intense. ✌🏽
  17. Giphy