I'm a li.st triplet, @angela3950!
  1. So, I started out with a li.st twin. My sister from a white mister, Miss @hillary79
  2. We followed almost the exact people, listed at the same times and even liked the same CNN personalities.
  3. I found out she lived in Texas and we were the same height. She named her son what I planned to name mine.
    Just loads and loads of twin stuff, I can't remember it all!
  4. Oh, we'd make identical comments on posts without seeing the other's first.
  5. We even both like our pizza without cheese and get vegan burrito bowls at Chipotle.
  6. But wait! Every Black and White set of twins needs a Mexican triplet!
  7. Enter our triplet sister from a Mexican mister, Miss @karlalucia
  8. We were all three popping up in the same places, especially pre-DNC. Then you know what, Hillary and I made the discovery that Karla ALSO lives in Texas!
  9. The three most liberal chicks on li.st, burning bras and takin' names in deep red bible belt Texas.
  10. Karla and I had the same "Ways to Woo Me" list. I can go back to my first 30 or so lists and most say "me too!" from Karla. Same with me on hers.
    Hashtag Independent Women
  11. Hillary and Karla both named their younger son the same name.
    But they had a ton more in common because they are also age twins. I'm fine. Third wheel is a familiar place for me. They are also both January babies, and both mothers to human children.
  12. We all had brown hair!
    I know, that is unbelievable! We should have just known from that.
  13. So we adopted a child. Her name is Lexington.
    We never looked back!