I'm not telling anyone how to list. I'm reminding you we can do it all here. 😄 and 😭 and everything in between. I just miss relists.
  1. This place used to be the least shallow social media option. I'm not saying it's become shallow, but I'm not saying it's doing anything to stay in the deep end.
  2. I can't suggest ➕compliments for you all right now, because Syria is being bombed.
  3. Remember how this entire community posted lists and relisted lists about Black Lives Matter after Alton Sterling and Philando Castile?
    We are still those people right? We are still better than the people who caused the majority of us to deactivate our facebooks, right?
  4. My entire feed in July was about social issues and heavy stuff that this amazing group of empathetic smarties was happy to discuss.
    I am not ready for that to be simply a memory.
  5. Here are two important lists about the kinda stuff we used to talk about here.
  6. From my favorite @fatzm1
  7. From the lovely @aditim
  8. Giphy
    Here's a gif so my list actually shows up in the feed.
  9. By @rebeccaroanoke (thanks @jessicaz for reminding me about her amazing lists on this topic!)