Thanks, @jennifer1482 for catching this
  1. Hey guys, it's so late, so feel free to respond tomorrow!
  2. Wanna know how I've been? I've had a lingering virus for 20 days and on Monday when my fever hit 104° I went to Urgent Care and found out I had....
  3. Bird flu.
    They call it Flu A. Its basically having the flu in your chest. If you've had mono, it feels the same (minus the awesome weight loss). If you haven't, imagine strep + asthma + sinus infection. The medicine makes me ridiculous. I left the oven on for 8 hours and I only turned it on to warm up a tortilla I could have warmed up in the microwave.
  4. Please tell me you guys are doing better!
  5. That suuuuucks. :( I'm so sorry. Sending you ❤
    I'm making big improvements making time to work out during the day and going to bed a lot earlier. I realized I could use the same productivity app I use during the day to keep me on track with a good nighttime routine that got me in bed by midnight. Proud of myself rn!
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  6. Ahah that suuuuucks 😞. I hope you feel better soon!!
    Went to the gym Monday and Tuesday and I'm going today and tomorrow as well. Haven't been as good with cooking since work/life has been a bit cray. Hopefully I'll have some more time next week to make up for it! I joined a Zumba class to motivate me to go the gym on Fridays and I'm a little addicted to it now
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  7. That all sounds horrible @Boogie hopefully with rest and the right meds you'll be feeling better soon 💛 Im feeling proud. I joined a Sunday and Wednesday night boot camp that had 12 sessions and just finished last night. I had perfect attendance 🤓 and really made myself a priority on those evenings.
    We did fitness testing the first and last class and my numbers improved on some of the workouts. I am joining again in March!!
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  8. I also did meal planning on Sunday and made 5 breakfasts, 5 snacks and 5 lunches (healthy Greek chicken bowls) - it's been easier to eat better when it's all made. Starting to get sick of the lunch so may make less next time.
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  9. Get better love!
    I actually did really well this week, even stayed away from most of my valentines candy!
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  10. Ugh girl I feel ya on the sickness! I made lame tacos last night but I have NOT been packing lunches and I ate cheese the other day so needless to say I'm not doing stellar? There's a lot going on in my life (friends from work got laid off, I'm looking for a new job, etc.) so I am apt to excuse it and say next week will be better!
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