I mean it this time, find something good you did in the last 7 days. I don't want to hear why something went wrong this week, only what went right. Even if you just got 30 minutes of sleep extra one night. That's a positive. Lets go!
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    Did you try something new?
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    Go on a trip?
    It's spring break for a couple school districts in Dallas this week. Seems so early!
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    Did you get to laugh and spend some time with your favorite people?
    I did! @bsizzle33 @karlalucia 😘😘
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    Were you kind to your body?
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    Did you get rest, or even just stick to a sleep schedule?
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    Did you move your body?
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    Do some extra housework?
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    Heads up, Spring Forward this weekend. One less hour of sleep.
    My insomnia kicks in bad when we spring forward so I may sleep all weekend to get ahead of it.
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    Positives Only! Let's go!
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    I really need this prompt today as I have been awful the past couple days! But in positives, I went to volunteer at the homeless shelter this Saturday and met loads of cool people. And I also met with the gym nutritionist who's drafted a meal plan for me which I'm finding very useful and easy to stick to! Lots of snacks and slow acting carbs 😊😊
    Suggested by @reallybadtiming
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    I haven't exercised yet this week and I'm only eating mildly well BUT I am going to the dentist this morning and I feel like I should get a lot of points for that.😊
    Suggested by @marykathryn
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    Celebrated my husband's 70th birthday yesterday. It was a good day.
    Suggested by @MMeanswell
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    I've done really well with my diet! Not depriving myself either. I'm eating a ton of food, but it's all healthy. So I'm not hungry, and I feel much better!
    Suggested by @hillary79
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    On the positive side we continue to meal prep at my place which makes eating 3 meals a day easier. I also have been going to bed and reading so having better sleeps. Also my boot camp re-started so Im happy to be working out (and sore again) Thanks for the prompt to be positive 👏🏻👏🏻
    Suggested by @jennifer1482
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    I got my Reddit Secret Santa Exchanges 🎁 for this round posted in a timely manner (you wouldn't think taking a pic and uploading it would be so hard, but I always procrastinate) AND I started painting again!!!🎚I realized I am using a lot of dark colors but that doesn't even matter 💖
    Suggested by @kaelliope
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    I was kind to myself all week
    Been drinking more water, eating less junk, just over all treating myself better
    Suggested by @karlalucia
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    I'm a school based social worker, and today I did a kindergarten observation. As soon as the kids were able to talk I was showered with these compliments: I love yours shoes, your dress is pretty, I like your glasses, and your hair!! Kids are nice. ❀
    Suggested by @wilsonsh6
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    I started a garden in my yard!!! Check it out: My First Real Garden 🌱🥕💛
    This will provide fresh veggies, time outdoors breathing fresh air, a creative outlet, quality time with my boyfriend working on it together, etc. I'm SO EXCITED. I'm even going to journal about it and keep a garden log, with plans, drawings, photos, observations, etc. I'm thrilled about my new form of self care. I can't wait to get home from work today and plant the first seeds! 🌱🌱🌱
    Suggested by @sarahsolene
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    I'm really enjoying getting my cardio in by hiking or walking with this big girl! And my face looks slim when I look in the mirror.
    Suggested by @MaddyandOwensMom