Inspired by @drugs
  1. I know the brand of envelope from licking it
    Been working as an admin for 10 years. Hallmark is by far the best tasting.
  2. I still remember the dumbest dates in history
    Arch Deluxe came out May 9, 1996. Lorelai and Luke were supposed to marry on June 3. Mindy Lahiri celebrates her birthday on an episode that aired March 19. Etc...
  3. I lie about my height, but not for a normal reason
    My sister is a full inch shorter than me and she thinks she's 5'6". So when she's around me, I "forget" and say I'm pretty much 5'7".
  4. Gina Rodriguez and Amy Poehler can both make me cry too easily
    Happy tears. Something about their efforts online to raise girls' self esteem just makes my heart so happy.
  5. Toenail polish stays on my nails for so many weeks straight
    I didn't know it was weird until someone asked me why I always get that color on my toes. I got a pedicure 6 weeks ago. I shower and stuff! Promise!
  6. I forget I was never a sitcom character
    I spent so much time watching TV as a kid that I get my childhood memories mixed up with Michelle Tanner and Olivia (from Cosby Show). Ex: I thought I brought a kiddie pool into the kitchen one time.