Inspired by @hillary79
  1. My speaking voice 🙉
  2. How manic I get about new friendships
  3. My insomnia
  4. The way I allow people to take advantage of my kindness
  5. Sounding dumb when I know I'm smart, just because I was born in the Valley and I talk like a Kardashian.
  6. My need to correct all typos, even other peoples'
  7. How I never tell my dog, no. So now its hard to find her a dogsitter.
  8. My fear of overpasses and bridges.
  9. My only stage of grief is denial, and it stays that way
  10. Chronic empathy that seems to hurt me more than anyone else I'm concerned about
  11. That I forgot so much French after learning it for 8 years.
  12. Dumb dairy allergy