This was a list request from @Starmist after I alluded to this in a previous list.
  1. I wasn't allowed to date in high school.
    The rule was no dates until we were 16. This did nothing but overhype the concept of dating. It was a mythical beast I wanted to know so badly.
  2. When I finally was allowed to date, I went right in to just having boyfriends.
    My pickins were slim, y'all. I had a strict rule in these days where I would only date black guys, and I went to a school with about 14 of them. I basically grabbed the nearest one and dubbed him my boyfriend.
  3. Fast forward to: graduating high school never going on an actual date
    Group dinners and hangouts. But nothing that cost money or was in public with just me and a guy.
  4. The summer before college must have been when I was at my "hottest". I got asked out on tons of dates.
    Hot guys too, one looked so much like LL Cool J that I really couldn't look at him directly.
  5. Every single date I was asked on during summer ended up without a date happening.
    I'm 30, this was before tinder and ghosting. People actually spoke on the phone. No one cancelled because that was considered rude. These were solid plans too, like "I'll pick you up at 6:30 on Friday and we'll watch the game while we bowl."
  6. I kept count and got stood up 8 times that summer.
    The one "date" was him driving himself and me driving myself. Him ordering one movie ticket. Me ordering one. Then he saw his friends in the theater and sat by them. That was a net of zero dates that summer. I didn't count that in the 8.
  7. Then college. First semester at the all black school, means tons of options.
    However, the school is in the country and there is no where to go on a date. Lots of couch hangouts. I think the kids call it netflix and chillin. We called it a Blockbuster night. Zero dates. But at least there were zero lies about what we'd do on Friday.
  8. Different University, the following semester is when my dating allergy kicked in, hardcore.
    I think 5 guys asked me out in my first week. Then evil facebook appeared. None of the 5 guys managed to keep the plans. Add a few others in the first month and now I'm at a tally of 16 stand ups. Facebook was evil because everyone at my college could contact me easily.
  9. Then, ONE guy stood me up 6 times! How the hell did that happen?
    I think he had whatever condition Dory has from Pixar. He would ask me on cool creative dates like "shooting hoops" and then disappear for weeks. Then ask me out again. He wasn't even cute, he still asks me out from time to time. Took me 6 tries to stop saying yes.
  10. I stopped allowing myself to be stood up at 23 times!
    Not sure how I landed on this number, but I have not put myself in a position to be stood up since I was 19. It sucked, yo!
  11. I have never been on a date with someone who isn't already my boyfriend. But even then, I've never been picked up, paid for, and dropped off at home. It's my own fault.
    I can't stand to be stood up again.
  12. So, maybe this should be titled, "Why Dating Is Allergic To Me"
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