Why it's no fun to eat at a restaurant with my middle sister 😒

  1. She will have a coupon
    That's fine you say? You love saving money? Oh, the coupon is buy one get one free. She'll take the free one. This is the only reason she invited you to join.
  2. She will order off the kids menu
    And she will say these exact words "Can I order off the kids menu? Its all I can eat," To the server. I made this into a drinking game. If she says it (she will) I order a margarita.
  3. If she has no coupon, 100% she will ask to split something disgusting
    Like a salad! Yuck. Who would share a salad? Boogie doesn't share food!
  4. She will order something healthy
    Which is why she's so "tiny"
  5. Then try to eat my fries
    As previously stated, Boogie doesn't share food.
  6. She will get so mad that I didn't share
    I've been around her for 30 years. She knows how I feel about fries!
  7. Then judge me for ordering junk food
    Even though she wants it.
  8. She will want dessert. Which I never want.
  9. She then will tip to make her total a rounded number
    Just because she likes to annoy me. It's fine to round out a number, but she pulls out her phone to do the math.
  10. She will take all remaining food to go.
    Even after I put a napkin on my plate signifying it shall be considered trash.
  11. I fall for it every time too.
    This is my own fault