@pili_ervin @cvlop61 I should have @graciagrapes tell this because she is the one who gifted me this appropriately goofy nickname.
  1. As a small child I was known to pick my nose.
  2. I was more known for putting that finger in my mouth after cleaning out my nose.
  3. My lovely older sister said something like, "she likes boogers so much, she basically is one."
  4. Booger turned into Boogie almost instantly.
  5. I was cute for a booger eater though.
  6. Around the age of 4, I had stopped digging for gold. But many people didn't know the origins.
  7. Our family reunion happened in 1991 and I was obsessed with dancing on the dance floor. This may have been my first experience with a dance floor.
  8. I never wanted the night to end. However, I was 5 and I didn't often stay up past 8pm.
  9. I danced and danced and danced until I LITERALLY fell asleep on the dance floor.
  10. The uncles in my family referred to this move as "The Boogie Dance™"
    Any kid who fell asleep on the dance floor in future years would be told the next morning that they did the Boogie Dance™. Yes, this was a common occurrence at our family reunions.
  11. From ages 7-11 I tried to ReBrand as Christina but it really made no sense to anyone (including me). I had taken a huge interest in dancing so being Boogie was fine if no one knew the truth.
  12. I'm a fan of it now. Look at my desk
    That artwork is made by the originator herself, my sister Gracia. I leave Barack there to watch over me.
  13. I decided to make my li.st name Boogie when the name was available. Most platforms don't have it up for grabs!
  14. Now you know!
    That's so Boogie!