Inspired by @finny_in_space
  1. Early 90's Mariah Carey
  2. Any Fly Girl from In Living Color
    I was in the hospital around age 5 and my parents turned this show on the TV in my hospital room. I hopped off the bed still hooked up to the machines so I could dance along.
  3. Lisa Turtle
    I always knew she deserved better than Screech.
  4. Tyra Banks' character on Fresh Prince
    She was sarcastic, super laid back and hot af.
  5. Topanga*
    I convinced myself Danielle Fishel was at least 1/4 black because her lips and nose looked like mine. So I thought I was seeing "myself" represented on screen.
  6. Dionne from Clueless
    But NEVER Stacey Dash.
  7. Dominque Dawes!
  8. Vanessa Williams in Dance With Me
    I really wanted that guy to be played by John Stamos during the whole movie!
  9. Representation matters! I preferred to be the token black girl in any instance, even though they were few and far between.
    It got a bit better, but black people aren't the only minorities. Who are little girls looking up to now? Do they see themselves in media? Before I even knew I was looking for myself on the screen, I was grasping to bits of representation. Let's all do better!😘
  10. Local
    Thanks @theshome! I forgot!