Word A Day

@TVAddict made me do it. Since it isn't an emergency I'll do one a day for a week.
  1. Niecefew: what you call the baby in your sister's (or sister in law's) belly when they decide to find out the gender once the baby is born.
    "I just got the cutest little robe for my niecefew, it's a fox and it fits 0 to 9 month boy or girl babies!"
  2. I'm so impatient... here are the other 6!
  3. Workcess
    Recess for adults who disappear from work for 30 minutes to swing invisible golf clubs. "Where's Matt?" "Workcess"
  4. Mightingwhale
    This is that thing that's stuck in your shoe. Jim and Pam wanted it to have a name. "What is this? Oh I can't take another step without taking off my shoe, I have a mightingwhale."
  5. Rizzoluck
    Getting knocked up in high school even though you are a 30 year old who is still in high school. "I am never going to graduate, I have avoided my rizzoluck thus far, but a hickie from Knickie is like a Hallmark card. So, it won't be for long."
  6. Woballs
    The opposite of mansplaining. This is when a woman tells a man to grow some balls, because women are tough even without them. "Would you like to borrow my woballs so you can stop crying and let the nurse give you your flu shot? You are 45 years old, Dad!"
  7. Cheetle
    The orange dust remaining on your fingers after eating cheetos. See also: doritle, fritle. "Honey don't touch that clean white shirt until you get the cheetle off!"
  8. Coolmomming
    Allowing underage people to drink in your house. "Did you want a lil bit? I'm coolmomming this weekend as long as you don't drive." (Dog chewing nipple is optional)