1. The cops repeatedly used racial slurs yet over six years, only one instance was correctly recorded as such. All other instances were misclassified as lesser offenses.🙁
  2. Black residents were stopped three times as often as white residents.☹️
  3. The cops were told to make up any reason to question a group of black teens, and never treat them like citizens.😫
  4. In six years, the BPD used force almost 3,000 times and only one time was found in violation.😒
  5. A son with no criminal record was arrested in front of his home when he was with his mother.😠
  6. 44 percent of the stops in six years were made in the neighborhoods that house 11 percent of the population.😦
    Most men were stopped 10 times each, seven say they were stopped more than 30.
  7. The cops tasered an 85 pound female juvenile who was cooperating. They were accusing her of a "history of selling CDs."😠
  8. A young black woman was cavity searched in public for a routine traffic stop. 😠😠😠
    Broken headlight. No reason to ever check anyone's anus for a broken headlight.
  9. The arrest warrant TEMPLATE was auto-filled with the description "BLACK MALE." One had to manually go in and change it if they happened to arrest anyone who wasn't a black male. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
    Systemic racism isn't just in our minds. Black people aren't born more prone to criminal activity. I'm about ready to quit earth when I hear this bull.