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  2. Static
  3. Some daughters are effing hilarious and I'm so sick of this blatant sexism!
  4. Seriously. I'm not a calligraphy and memories on the porch of my childhood home kinda daughter. Stop boxing us in arseholes!
  5. Giphy
  6. I found an online site with some cute free templates and my office had a billion unicef envelopes
    Front can't be customized but the inside was all my own writing. GreetingsIsland.com
  7. Then the back lets you put a picture. I printed on this confetti paper
    My mom knows my beef with Hallmark.
  8. They didn't have any first mother's day cards for my sister, so I just customized the inside.
  9. Again, the back is the place to have the most fun.
  10. Try it sometime if you can't find the card you want, or if you want to save some money.
    If you are naturally hilarious, your card will be too *pats self on back*