1. ...how your daughter chooses to eat while she is pregnant with your grandchild, even if you ate like a supermodel when you were pregnant with her.
  2. ... how fast above the speed limit I should drive just because you are behind me and in a hurry.
  3. ...that stay at home moms have the harder job than working moms, or vice versa.
  4. ...which meats I do or don't eat.
    You also don't get to "test" me by sneaking beef into the green beans, step-monster. Jerk.
  5. ...what should/n't embarrass me or anyone else.
  6. ...what professional hair should look like on everyone. My hair is large, it's not going to be worn down every day. Top knots are my friend.
  7. ...what timeframe I should aim for a raise or a promotion based on how you did it. This is not something guys ever have to deal with. This is chicks bringing other chicks down to 78-cents-on-the-dollar land.