1. ...the McDonalds* Drive Thru guy compliments your eyes, then you smile to say thank you, and he compliments your smile... and it makes your whole day.
    *I was getting my boss a diet coke, not eating fast food and breaking my Lent chastity belt.
  2. He says I'm so pretty I'm making him blush, so then I say, "well that's making me blush" and he said "we are just sittin here making each other blush, it's a beautiful thing."
    Decent line for the record.
  3. Too bad he looked about 17, and I thought he was a female until I heard his voice. I'm still not entirely sold on his gender, but it's a social construct anyways.
  4. Static
  5. Either way, I haven't been flirted with in a hot minute. It was nice to hear.
  6. I did get hit on by two guys at Auto Zone last month asking me where I got such believable color contacts. But I had a fever and was grabbing brake pads after leaving the doctor, so they were attracted to the ugliest version of me.
    I wanted to tell them to shut up or my dad would punch them. But they were harmless. I just like threatening people when my dad's in town 😂 He'll kick your butt, probably. I've never seen him fight.
  7. Either way, a deep voiced lesbian or a small feminine man complimented me today and it made me feel special and pretty.
    Sometimes that's all I need.
  8. Giphy
    Yes, Regina. Today I do!