This week we're reading and listing up to p 300. Here are some suggestions for things to list about, but they are just a starting point - take your list in any direction you want!
  1. Sum up the "Fates" half of the novel in GIFs.
  2. What ending would you like for Mathilde?
  3. What ending do you think Mathilde deserves?
  4. What are some of your favorite sentences so far?
  5. What are the (potential) sources of Mathilde's anger and how would you have reacted in each of the situations?
  6. If Mathilde were on The List App, what lists would you request of her?
  7. What are your own experiences of grief and how are they similar to or different from Mathilde's?
  8. Mathilde's experiences have been so formative for her - as, arguably, they are for all of us. List about the experiences which have most shaped you.
  9. What would you like to reach into the book and tell Mathilde?
  10. Do any of the characters remind you of characters in TV shows? Can you do a "Fates and Furies as characters in ..." list?