Note: you might want to wait until after you've read the book to listen to these, since some spoiling is almost inevitable. The first two are particularly recommended.
  1. Lauren Groff live at Politics and Prose in DC
    A reading from the book and Q and A with the author. This one is a good introduction to the book, pre-reading. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/slates-live-at-politics-prose/id597491563?mt=2&i=353824539
  2. Slate's Audio Book Club discusses Fates and Furies
    - This one is definitely for after you've read it - a discussion of the novel's plot, character and themes. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/slates-audio-book-club/id158004629?mt=2&i=358575152
  3. Lauren Groff on the Lit Up podcast
  4. Lauren Groff on the Aloud podcast, from Los Angeles Public Library
  5. A short interview with Lauren Groff at the Miami Book Fair
  6. Lauren Groff on the Writers on Writing podcast
  7. Lauren Groff with Sloane Crossley (author of "The Clasp") on the Free Library of Philadelphia podcast
  8. Lauren Groff on First Draft: A Dialogue on Writing
  9. A post-reading discussion of Fates and Furies on Bossy Books
  10. Another post-reading discussion of Fates and Furies, on Literary Roadhouse Book Club