Additions welcome.
  1. Charlie Sheen: Someone else could've used that time on the Today Show to promote their YouTube channel.
  2. Lindsey Lohan: Do I need to explain?
  3. Ben Affleck: On the first day of Christmas my true love said to me--go screw the nanny. No Ben, she didn't.
  4. Halle Berry: Human version of Beyonce songs. It's not them, sweetheart. It's you.
  5. Blake Lively: For being so goddamn perfect.
  6. Kardashians: Where is Rob? Let Rob out of the dungeon and maybe Santa will be good to you. Or not.
  7. Gavin Rossdale: Enjoy no one caring about you.
  8. Celebrity Squads: All of them.
  9. GOP Candidates: See above.